Established:  July 1, 2010
Capital:   100 million yen (authorization: 400 million yen)
President:   Shinichiro Hashimoto
Head Office:   1-35 Himegaoka Kani City, Gifu Prefecture 509-0249, Japan

(1)Development, manufacture, and distribution of components and built-up components mainlyused for housing,

 such as light-gauge shaped steel and other metallic materials.

(2)Architectural design, including structural design of buildings and houses using light-gauge steel frames, and contracts

 for the preparation of detailed working drawings.

(3)Planning of buildings, such as welfare facilities for the aged,company houses/dormitories, retail outlets, making

 the most of the advantages of light-gauge steel frames for buildings/houses.

(4)Contracts for the engineering of steel component production facilities and the development/sale of CAD designs for

 light-gauge steel-framed buildings/houses.

(5)Contracts for dispatching engineers and providing training regarding the production of steel components and

 light-gauge steel-framed buildings/houses.

(6)Provision of consulting services on business in domestic and overseas countries with corporations related to

 architecture and building materials, such as residential contracts for testing production/testing designs.

(7)Mediation/intercession for the sale/purchase of intellectual properties and business enterprises that

 involve architecture/building materials.

Our Banks:   Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd., Juroku Bank,Ltd.
Stock Holders:   Nippon Steel Corporation, Kakefu HoLdings Co.,Ltd., Nippon Steel Trading Corporation
Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd., Koushin Co., Ltd., Super Frame Hokkaido Co., Ltd.,
Environmental-Support Corporation, Abino Construction Co.,Ltd.